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March 11, 2009

A First Attempt at Portrait Painting

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The Finished Portrait

March 12, 2009

Melinda suggested that I do more work on his face. Actually, so did my friend Jimmy. I’m not sure you can tell how hard I worked to give him more expression. It’s about as far as I can go, though. The paper won’t hold much more color and the painting is in danger of being overworked. I’ll keep trying. I have two new sets of pastels – the Sennelier soft pastels for portraits and a 96-stick box of hard NuPastels. I do want to do a painting of the old Baldwinsville train station with an engine that was actually used here, and I’m sure I’ll keep trying portraits because David has been so encouraging.

Kaya Meets the Snow

Kaya Meets the Snow

The First Draft

March 9, 2009

After spending years doing Pet Portraits I decided to try (more…)

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